The Taiwanese Black Eyed Peas, Japanese rock legends and… a pominit?

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Too Cute

How cute is this CM with Ashida Mana for Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic? This girl is too precious. It’s so H!P, I love it.

And she has flippers now (Need to stop watching those kid pageant shows tbh). Cute.



Gawd this gif amuses me so much. I just can’t.


Just thought I should post this video showing the making of the Rurouni Kenshin live action film.

I am a pretty avid manga reader and I particularly love Shounen manga (Shocking, right?), which of course means I am a big fan of Rurouni Kenshin. I have every volume of the series and I am so excited about this movie, I feel the need to pee just thinking about it.

And the fact that Sato Takeru is starring in it… That’s just icing on the cake tbh. He gives me that regal feel that Hyde does a lot of the time. Probably because they’re both so short and pretty. obvs.


And here is a short compilation of Kenshin say “Oro” in the anime. Killed me and buried me.




Oh Se7en…

Yes, I’m still alive.

I’ve just been super busy at work and dealing with school and all of that. My birthday was Tuesday, turned 21… which was okay, I guess? My friends had a little birthday cake made for me with blue and pink tulips lol but I basically spent the day like any other. Went to class and then went to work.

I’m in Louisiana right now (not in my hometown though) in a suite at a casino so I can go gamble and whatever simply because I can.

So I thought I may as well get a few posts out before I become incoherent.

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For people who don’t know who Show Luo is, shame on you. He’s like the Taiwanese equivalent of Daichi Miura… or Rain, for Kpop fans. Super amazing dancer and absolutely gorgeous (random fact: began dating my ex simply because he looked exactly like him. I’m a horrible person, I know.) UGH.

Anyway, had no idea he was releasing anything new, went on my usual downloading sites and what do I see?


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Ayu’s best album since (miss)understood is here. No, seriously.

Oh lordy. This album. From the announcement to the actual release. It’s been crazy.

I will say, when the album was announced, I wasn’t that excited about it. One: because she’d recorded it in London… which is where she, imo, made her worst album, Rock n Roll Circus. And two: I was very underwhelmed by FIVE (still think she should have just released Progress, beloved, and BRILLANTE as a triple A-side, because ANother Song and Why… were so basic). I really wasn’t expecting much from it if I’m being completely honest.

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